Nancy White Interview

Nancy White is an invited speaker at ED-MEDIA 2009 (now only a few weeks away!). After a bit of a challenge trying to synchronize our schedules for an interview, she kindly agreed to respond to a few questions  … Read more

Presenting For Impact

A few weeks ago, I delivered a presentation for presenters new to ED-MEDIA. The session – titled Presenting for Impact – provided rich (and humbling) irony as many things went wrong. At least I now have a new  … Read more

Alan Levine – Invited Speaker

Alan Levine (who barks wisdom at cogdogblog) has been actively involved in media, web, and instructional design for well over a decade. Alan is the Vice President Community and CTO at New Media Consortium. He is also a  … Read more

Interview with Rick Mrazek

Rick Mrazek is one of the invited speakers for ED-MEDIA 2009. His topic is “Emerging Technologies and Repurposing Multimedia: Linkages and Mysteries.” In this short interview Rick talks about the kinds of resources that he is repurposing and  … Read more

Presenting for Impact

For all the effort conferences spend on peer review and ensuring quality (novel) research is presented, too little attention is paid to the actual presentation. At several conferences during the last 18 months, I’ve noticed organizers are turning  … Read more

ED-MEDIA Social Networking

From George Siemens, Program Co-Chair, posted at “We want the event to be more participative and more engaging, while still meeting the high academic standards ED-MEDIA has exhibited in its past. It can be difficult to strike  … Read more

Getting ready for ED-MEDIA 2009

Surprisingly, we are only six weeks away from ED-MEDIA 2009! Over the next month or so, this blog will be more active. We’ll provide you with interviews, commentary, help resources, and even a bit of professional development (more  … Read more

ED-MEDIA 2009 Final Call for Participation

  ED-MEDIA 2009 Final Call for Participation     World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications June 22-26, 2009  Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii ** Submissions Due: April 7, 2009 ** Organized by: Association for the Advancement of  … Read more