Getting ready for ED-MEDIA 2009

Surprisingly, we are only six weeks away from ED-MEDIA 2009!

Over the next month or so, this blog will be more active. We’ll provide you with interviews, commentary, help resources, and even a bit of professional development (more on that soon).

Conferences are changing. Earlier this year, AACE hosted Spaces of Interaction, an online event exploring how to improve traditional conferences. Recordings from presentations and the ning discussions can still be accessed. As a result of the event, we’ve gleaned many insights into what can be done to improve conferences. You will see a few changes as we get ready for ED-MEDIA ’09: increased use of social media, remote presentations, participant-organized events, etc.

We want the event to be more participative and more engaging, while still meeting the high academic standards ED-MEDIA has exhibited in its past. It can be difficult to strike a balance between emergence and tradition, between novel and established, between innovation and existing systems.

It’s a balance that will only be achieved through your input. During the conference this year, we ask you to Twitter, blog, tag, and offer suggestions. Even as the event approaches, please comment on what would make the event more valuable for you this year…and next.

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