Let AACE Organize Your Next Conference

As you continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities conference landscape, we understand the importance of hosting engaging and seamless online conferences. That’s why we’re reaching out to introduce you to AACE’s Conference Organizing Services – your trusted partner in organizing exceptional face-to-face and virtual events and library publication on LearnTechLib.org!

AACE brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, with a proven track record of successfully orchestrating 35+ years of conferences that captivate audiences and drive meaningful engagement. How do we do it? By using the existing AACE in-house developed, 15+ years cutting edge technology with AACE Conference Management System and premiere online library, LearnTechLib.org.

Tailored Solutions Available:

Event Management Hub: user friendly AcademicExperts enables your attendees to view & create schedules, connect with colleagues, enter meeting rooms and view papers & presentations.
Submission: submit presentation proposals
Review: assign proposals to reviewers, process reviews
Scheduling: schedule accepted proposals
Registration: registration entry and payment processing
Proceedings Publication: accepted papers published into Proceedings available on LearnTechLib.org

Contact [email protected] to learn more!

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how AACE can contribute to the success of your upcoming online conferences. Please let us know a convenient time for a demo and find out how we can make this a seamless process for you! We’ll be happy to provide more details and answer any questions you may have.

As a service to other organizations, we can discuss making our event management system available to help organize your online event.


Organizations planning conferences face great challenges due to necessary restrictions caused by the pandemic. AACE–Assn. for the Advancement of Computing in Education has faced and overcome these challenges and is looking to help your organization

How do we do it?  By using the existing AACE in-house developed, 15+ years tested, and maintained AACE Conference Management System. As a service to other organizations, we can discuss making our event management system available to help organize your online event.

Select from the following event services you need;

User-friendly application (Academic Experts) enables attendees to:

  • Set up your personal schedule of sessions
  • Convert sessions to your local time zone
  • Click to securely join online meeting rooms from your personal schedule
  • Create attendee profiles
  • Message/connect with other attendees
  • View papers and presentation files for all sessions
  • And more…

Additional integrated services available:

  • Submission: submit presentation proposals
  • Review: assign proposals to reviewers, process reviews 
  • Scheduling: schedule accepted proposals
  • Registration: registration entry and payment processing
  • Proceedings: assemble papers accepted into publication book 

Pricing Structure 

Less than 500 Attendees

All Inclusive: $8,500

  • Submission + Review System + Registration + Conference Event Management Hub + Scheduling

Admin System Only: $6,500

  • Submission + Review System + Registration

Select One: $5,000 (only available for less than 100 submissions) 

  • Conference Hosting or Submission or Review System or Registration 

501-1000 Attendees

All Inclusive: $15,500

  • Submission + Review System + Registration + Conference Event Management Hub + Scheduling

Admin System Only: $10,500

  • Submission + Review System + Registration



If you are interested in AACE partnering with you to organize your event, please contact [email protected]



Host an AACE Conference at Your University – Online or F2F


AACE is accepts proposals from universities and higher ed institutions for housing our world-class conferences on your campus or online! By partnering with universities, we provide a mutually beneficial conference experience. Hosting a high-quality, global conference your university will gain global recognition and a unique event hosting experience.

Potential hosts should understand and can plan for their local environment as well as showcase their university, speakers, ideas, development, and applications. At the same time, you will be able to take advantage of the 35+ years of well-proven AACE conference management, organization, infrastructure, administrative support, and contacts with global leaders in the field.

Host Criteria

  • Prior event hosting experience
  • Meeting facilities and staff support for a 3-5-day conference
  • Outreach & promotion with other local research & educational connections
  • Convenient, well-known location with several lodging & transportation options

Host Benefits

  • AACE’s 35-year experience and proven conference organization model
  • Global exposure and multi-platform promotion for your university and city
  • FREE 1-year LearnTechLib university-wide trial subscription
  • AACE staff and administrators on location support

AACE Responsibilities

  • Maintain, staff, and administer the conference infrastructure to include:
    • Submission, Review, and Scheduling Systems
    • Registration System
    • Publication Production System (Proceedings and Journal special issue)
    • Academic Experts Conference Social Platform
    • Virtual Presentation Platform
  • Publicize the event via its mailing list network and membership.
  • Through the LearnTechLib Digital Library, distribute and archive Global Learn Proceedings papers, recorded talks, and PowerPoint slides.
  • Provide EdITLib trial subscriptions to participants and the host university library.
  • Help ensure a high-quality experience for participants and the host university.

Host Responsibilities

  • Provide meeting facilities, AV, and the Internet. Global Learn is typically held in 5-8 meeting rooms on a university campus. 
  • Regionally publicize the event.
  • Assist in scheduling presentations.
  • Select keynote speakers. Suggest at least one national and one international keynote.
  • Video record the keynote speakers.
  • Handle local logistics and staff the meeting for registration, technical, and administrative personnel. Note: All registrations and payments will be handled online by AACE prior to the event.
  • Provide session presider for each conference room to help with introductions, timekeeping, and general organizational issues.
  • Arrange catering.  The cost will be reimbursed by AACE and based upon the agreed budget.

Previous Co-Hosted/Organized Conferences


Program and Suggested Schedule

The conference program typically includes keynote talks, full papers, brief papers, and virtual papers.  Note: AACE will manage the program for the virtual papers.

There is much flexibility in the following suggested daily schedule. The number of hours for each of the 2 days would be based upon the preference and needs of the host as well as the number of accepted presentations.

Opening General Session and Keynote: 9-10 AM
Beverage Break: 10:00-10:30 AM
Concurrent Sessions: 11:45 AM-12:45 PM
Lunch Break: 12:45-1:45 PM
Concurrent Sessions: 1:45-2:45 PM
Beverage Break: 2:45-3:00 PM
Concurrent Sessions: 3:00-4:00 PM
Concurrent Sessions: 4:15-5:15 PM
Closing Reception: 5:15-6:00 PM (2nd day)

The language of the conference is English and possibly the native language of the host.


AACE and the host university will share the financial expenses as agreed in the budget.  AACE will cover costs associated with infrastructure support, publicity, onsite catering, local printing, and keynote speakers. It is expected that host costs will be very minimal. The host will cover any costs associated with meeting facilities, AV, and Internet. The host also provides the staff or volunteers needed to organize the conference.

Proposal to Host Guidelines

The following items below are provided as a guide to assist with the preparation of proposals. The proposal to host Global Learn should include but not be limited to the following information.

Dates: The event can be any time of the year over 3-5 day period.

Meeting Room Facilities

Room Use Capacity Number of Rooms 
General Session 200+ Theatre  1
Breakout Sessions 40+ Theatre/Classroom  4-8
Beverage Breaks 150-300 Reception  1


The location of the conference should be selected for optimum convenience, availability of lodging and transportation, and cost to attendees. Secondary ‘benefits’ such as seasonal weather, recreation, cultural events, tours, etc., should also be mentioned.

Specify name and distance to nearest international airport and appropriate airlines, transportation costs between the airport and most lodging as well as transit costs between lodging and meeting facilities, if they are separate facilities.

Lodging and food accommodations are preferred in the vicinity of the meeting facilities. Specify or estimate lodging sites, available rooms, and approximate prices with US$ conversion ratio.

AV/Computer Equipment and Internet Access: Specify the availability of AV/computer equipment and Internet for presentations as well as WIFI for attendees.  

Motivation: Give details of local research and educational interests, and an indication of size, topics, and tradition of research/educational efforts of supporting institutions. Specify your interests or motives for organizing Global Learn (enjoyment, reputation, advancing local interest, etc. are all honorable motives).

Experience and History: Provide a list of conferences and their number of attendees hosted in your location or by your organization. Detail any previous experiences in hosting such types of events, including the conference name, size, location, length, etc. If applicable, detail unique successes and activities.

Local Publicity Opportunities: Specify how and where the host can help to publicize the conference in the local area.

Preliminary Budget: A preliminary budget containing estimated onsite catering costs should accompany the proposal. Please refer to the Financial section above if needed.

Submission Information and Proposal Deadline: If interested in hosting, please initially send first a brief (one-page) note, as soon as possible, indicating that you are intending to submit a full proposal.

Please submit a copy of your proposal to host via e-mail
to Sarah Benson, AACE Director of Operations.