Hyflex Collaborative Conference 2024

Unleashing Education: Adopting and Adapting HyFlex for Student Learning


Call for Submissions Due May 1, 2024


Reviewer Signup: https://conf.aace.org/hyflex/2024/review/signup/



Early Registration: $85

Regular Registration: $100

Student: $70

Hosted by the HyFlex Collaborative Community and the University at Albany, SUNY and AACE – The Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education 

The HyFlex Collaborative is pleased to announce the 2024 annual HyFlex Collaborative Conference on Thursday, June 27, from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. The title of the summer conference is Unleashing Education: Adopting and Adapting HyFlex for Student Learning. The HyFlex Collaborative is a community of K-12 and higher education educators working together to improve access to high-quality and equitable learning through Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) learning design and delivery. HyFlex teaching and learning combines online and in-person instruction into a single course/class, allowing each student to determine their participation mode of instruction.  HyFlex learning opportunities promote student-centered flexibility for all learners (traditional, adult, and K-12). Flexibility promotes learner retention, progression, and success.

The 2024 Conference seeks concurrent proposals that closely align with the educational practices and principles of HyFlex education related to the fields of K-12, higher education, adult learning, professional development, and online education.

Proposals are welcomed for individual presentations that can share best practices, lessons learned, and address the needs of diverse populations focusing  on the HyFlex mode of instruction. The theme for this important conference is directly related to the HyFlex Principles of Learner Choice, Equivalency, Reusability, and Accessibility in teaching and learning related to K-12, Higher Education, and Adult Learning.

We are specifically looking for proposals in the following areas:

  • HyFlex Design & Delivery
  • HyFlex – Technology and Beyond
  • Evolving and Adapting HyFlex to the Institutional needs
  • Next Generation of HyFlex – What could HyFlex look like without the barriers (in a perfect world)
  • Student Success and Factors of Influence

Proposal Deadline

Proposals are due by 11:59 PM EST on May 1, 2024.

Paper Presentation

Only paper presentations that allow sharing of research and/or practice focused on the conference theme(s) or title will be accepted. Please note that presenters will be grouped in each session with at least one other paper (45-minute sessions/20 minutes per paper, with time allowed for Q&A).

HyFlex Presentation

Given that the conference format is in HyFlex, all accepted presenters must pre-record their presentations but will not be expected to use their recordings during their presentations. Lastly, presenters must be available synchronously via Zoom for the duration of their presentation session. You may submit more than one proposal per individual.

Please address each section below to provide reviewers insight into your proposed presentation. All submissions will be blind peer reviewed. Therefore, omit any identifiers from your proposal. Remove all Presenter(s) names, Affiliated Institution(s), Brief Bio(s), Email(s), or Cell Phone Number(s). Each proposal should include the following information:

Proposal Extended Abstract

  1. Conference Attendance: In-Person or Synchronous
  2. Presentation Title
  3. Conference Proposal (maximum 1,000 words total, including methodology and literature review)
  4. Keywords (3-4)
  5. Brief Summary of Presentation (350 character limit)
  6. Objectives of the Presentation (900 character limit)
  7. Relevance to the Conference Theme and Significance to the Field (900 character limit)
  8. Participant Outcomes

Reviewers may choose not to review a proposal that does not follow this format. Proposals will be reviewed based on how well each abstract component is addressed in the submission. All submissions must adhere to APA citation style. Submissions may provide embedded links. Questions related to submission should be directed to Dr. Rivera-Wilson at [email protected].

Proposal Submission Form

All proposals are due on or before 11:59 PM EST on April 2, 2024 and must be submitted through AACE Platform, here: https://conf.aace.org/hyflex/2024/submission/


Hyflex Collaborative Conference FAQ & How To’s

How to Present

Where do I go?

The conference is taking place on AcademicExperts.org and through the use of Zoom. All asynchronous sessions are housed within the AE platform and the links to the live session Zoom  rooms are all listed within the daily schedule of sessions on AE. This page will be available after paper notifications are sent.

Set up your AcademicExperts Profile

Before the conference begins, be sure to set up your AcademicExperts profile for participant session planning, Zoom Meeting access and social interaction. Log in using the same email address and password you use on to log into aace.org.

Create your Profile from Edit Profile (dropdown menu from your name at top) and add a photo, organization, links, publications, etc.

– Under Sessions, search for and add to My Planner to create your list sessions to attend.

– Under Attendees, search for colleagues and new friends by name, organization, and country.

While many of you are familiar with AE, we have added some features to help navigate this year’s online conference.

How to Attend

Navigating your conference: AcademicExperts.org Schedule Planning, Meeting Room Access & Social Platform

AcademicExperts.org will function as your Conference Navigator to:

  • plan your session schedule
  • access live meeting rooms in Zoom
  • view virtual presentations
  • connect with and message participants
  • create your personal profile
  • include in your profile imported publications from LearnTechLib.org – The Learning & Technology Library
  • create and participate in discussions connected to every presentation as well as  outside of presentations
  • view social web feeds

Schedule Time Zone

All times are listed in Eastern Time: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Accessing Zoom Meeting Rooms 

In order to protect the privacy of our attendees and integrity of the AACE organization, ** new links to Zoom meeting rooms will be provided each day within the AcademicExperts schedule**.  Personal passwords will also be sent directly to attendees for each day.

Access to meeting rooms will only be given to Interactive Registrants.

Entering a Zoom Meeting Room 

Helpful resource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s76QHshQnY

Links to Zoom meeting rooms will be provided each day of the conference in the AcademicExperts schedule. You will find this link listed as the Room for each live/synchronous.

Upon entering the meeting room, your microphone will be muted. Please only unmute your mic if you are the scheduled speaker at that time or if the presenter invites you to unmute. Please be respectful and release your mic or shared screen at the end of your presentation.

Joining & Configuring Audio & Video 

Helpful resource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s76QHshQnY

When entering a live presentation, we ask that unless you are the scheduled presenter for that time slot, to please keep your microphone muted.

SIG Meetings, Workshops and Q&A sessions at the end of each presentation hour will allow for audience participation. Please use the chat window during the presentations, the room moderator will facilitate discussion through the chat.

Synchronous Presentation Guidelines

Please arrive in the meeting room 10-15 minutes ahead of your scheduled presentation time. Presentation links will be provided at the start of each day on AcademicExperts.org.

No Shows: Will be reported to admin and removed from proceedings. If you have requested a live presentation: a room license, presider, host and time slot have been reserved for you in advance. *Requests to change to asynchronous presentations cannot be accommodated at this time. *

How to Find SIG Meetings in Academic Experts:

Helpful resource: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e1zun9v12czovmt/How%20to%20Access%20SIG%20Meetings%20in%20AE.mov?dl=0