ED-MEDIA’s Insider Bonnie Best’s Picks for Honolulu, Hawaii!

>> Check Out ED-MEDIA’s insider Bonnie Best’s Picks for Honolulu, Hawaii! <<

ED-MEDIA 2009 is quickly approaching and many of you have asked what there are the best things to do in Honolulu, Hawaii. So for all searching for things to do and places to see while at ED-MEDIA 2009, our insider, Bonnie Best has done the research and compiled the Best into a few lists!

Bonnie Best selected some of the top local and tourist hot spots for you to see while visiting the beautiful island of Oahu. See the Best of local activities, attractions, dining locations and even some tips for the budget conscious traveler! For a night on the town, a bite to eat or even a day of exploring all that the beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii has to offer, see what ED-MEDIA’s insider, Bonnie Best, recommends.

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See you at ED-MEDIA 2009, Waikiki Beach, Hawaii!!

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