ED-MEDIA Social Networking

From George Siemens, Program Co-Chair, posted at http://blog.aace.org/edmedia/:

“We want the event to be more participative and more engaging, while
still meeting the high academic standards ED-MEDIA has exhibited in
its past. It can be difficult to strike a balance between emergence
and tradition, between novel and established, between innovation and
existing systems.

It’s a balance that will only be achieved through your input. During
the conference this year, we ask you to Twitter, blog, tag, and offer


In addition to the above excerpt from the ED-MEDIA blog, we will post interviews from Keynote and Invited Speakers.

As a start, Craig Montgomerie, Executive Committee Chair, has posted his interview with Tom Reeves, an ED-MEDIA Keynote.

ED-MEDIA on Twitter

The conference may followed on Twitter prior to and during the event. A large screen monitor will display the ED-MEDIA Twitter feed at the conference.

Hashtag is: edmedia

Join the AACE Page on Facebook!

Within the next few days, AACE will announce its Page on Facebook to the international community.

Having just set up the Page, we have a whole 12 fans! 😉 So we are asking you to help us launch the AACE Page on Facebook by becoming one of its first participants.

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