Gamify Online Meetings Part 1: Kahoot

Kahoot! is a free-to-use, game-based learning platform that allows learners to play trivia quizzes and compete on a leaderboard. Kahoot! is used by many educators and companies around the world to create a fun learning experience. It is a widely accessible and easy-to-use tool (and known for its catchy music) that amplify engagements in various settings, especially in remote or hyflex learning environment.

Anyone can use the Kahoot! base plan. To create a Kahoot! game from scratch, navigate to, or download the Kahoot! App and create an account. Once an account is created, navigate to the homepage and click on the blue “Create” button on the top right-hand corner. The creator has the option to create a quiz from scratch or use one of the available templates.

The Kahoot! workspace provides several functions that allow the creator to customize their Kahoot! games. The workspace is split into three panels:

  • The left panel is a preview of all the question slides in a game. The creator can choose to “add question,” which adds a blank slide to the game. Creators also have access to over 50 million pre-made Kahoot! games and a quiz bank created by the Kahoot! community.
  • The middle panel displays the current question. Start first by entering the question and add any supplementary materials such as images or videos. The creator can insert up to four answer choices for a question. Remember to choose one (or multiple) correct answers for each question!
  • The right panel allows the creator to format the question to their preference. For the basic plan, the creator can make the question either multiple choice or true/false. Each question has a time limit which can be easily changed depending on the difficulty of the question.

Once a game is completed, navigate to the top right-hand corner to publish the game. The creator can choose to host a live game or enable self-paced mode to complete the game before the deadline. To access a Kahoot! game, proceed to and enter the game code. Kahoot! games are point-based which learners try to answer the question fast to earn more points to be placed on the leaderboard. Try Kahoot! today and join the thrill and fun!


  • While the basic Kahoot! plan provides a sufficient number of tools to create a working game, the plan itself is fairly limited compared to the more premium plans. For example, the basic plan limited the number of players joining a game.

Additional resources (videos):

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Jojo Yang is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is pursuing a degree in B.S. Information Science and B.A. Journalism with a focus on visual design and UI/UX design. She lived in New Bern, NC, for 18 years before moving to Greenville, NC. Jojo enjoys listening to music and drawing in her free time.



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