EdTech Research – Where to Publish, How to Share (Part 1): Journal Overview

You have implemented and evaluated an educational technology project, engaged in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, conducted an empirical study, written a literature review, or undertook an ethnographic journey of discovery. Whatever your research endeavor, at some point you will be contemplating if, how and where to share your insights. Oftentimes, the best place to start is a conference presentation, blog post or online report. After refining the presentation based on peer feedback, many researchers will consider submitting their work to a journal for wider dissemination in scholarly circles.

This tripartite post series presents a selection of some of the leading EdTech journals, with examples for open access, electronic and print publications, provides an overview of openly accessible journal metrics and rankings, and, – last, but not least – recommends social networks and author identifiers garnered towards disseminating and sharing scholarly work.

Open Access E-Journals & Hybrids


Though many academics still tend to think of print publications as more prestigious, e-journals are catching up, both in reach and reputation. The open access movement has gained momentum, and changed the distribution models for traditional publishers as well (for example with open access initiatives such as SpringerOpen). Some e-journals will ask for a publication fees. While this can be a legitimate way of securing sustainable web infrastructure and professional editorial staff, there are problems with predatory journals, that are trying to scam inexperienced researchers.The following selection of open access publications offer clear peer review guidelines, high standards, and do not charge processing fees.

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning (IRRODL)

Publisher / Organization: Athabasca University Press

Year founded: 2000

Description: The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning disseminates original research, theory, and best practice in open and distributed learning worldwide. The Journal targets both researchers and practitioners of open and distance education systems. It thus aims to improve the quality of basic and applied research while also addressing the need for this knowledge to be translated into polices and activities that improve educational opportunity for students and teachers.

URL: http://www.irrodl.org/

ISSN: 1492-3831

Period of Publication: Three to six times per year (dependent upon a sufficient number of accepted articles)

Type: e-journal, open access

First Monday

Publisher / Organization: The University of Illinois at Chicago- University Library

Year founded: 1996

Description: First Monday is among the very first open access journals in the EdTech field. The journal’s subject matter encompasses the full range of Internet issues, including educational technologies, social media and web search. Contributors are urged via author guidelines to use simple explanations and less complex sentences and to be mindful that a large proportion of their readers are not part of academia and do not have English as a first language.

URL: http://firstmonday.org/

ISSN: 1396-0466

Period of Publication: Monthly (first Monday of each month)

Type: e-journal, open access

International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education (ETHE)

Publisher / Organization: Springer (from 2013)

Academic Management: University of Catalonia (UOC)

Year founded: 2004

Description: This journal aims to: provide a vehicle for scholarly presentation and exchange of information between professionals, researchers and practitioners in the technology-enhanced education field; contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge regarding the use of technology and computers in higher education; and inform readers about the latest developments in the application of information technologies (ITs) in higher education learning, training, research and management.

URL: https://educationaltechnologyjournal.springeropen.com/

ISSN: 2365-9440

Period of Publication: Published multiple times a year

Type: e-journal, open access

Online Learning (formerly JOLT / JALN)

Publisher / Organization: Online Learning Consortium

Year founded: 1997

Description: Online Learning promotes the development and dissemination of new knowledge at the intersection of pedagogy, emerging technology, policy, and practice in online environments. The journal has been published for over 20 years as the Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks (JALN) and recently merged with the Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT).

URL: https://olj.onlinelearningconsortium.org/

ISSN: 2472-5730 (online) & 2472-5749 (print)

Period of Publication: Quarterly

Type: hybrid (e-journal and print), open access

Journal of Educational Technology & Society

Publisher / Organization: International Forum of Educational Technology & Society

Year founded:1998

Description: Educational Technology & Society seeks academic articles on the issues affecting the developers of educational systems and educators who implement and manage these systems. Articles should discuss the perspectives of both communities – the programmers and the instructors. The journal is currently still accepting submissions for ongoing special issues, but will cease publication in the future as the editors feel that the field of EdTech is saturated with high quality publications.

URL: http://www.ds.unipi.gr/et&s/index.php

ISSN: 1176-3647 (Print) & 1436-4522 (Online)

Period of Publication: Quarterly – Currently no longer accepts manuscripts for submission

Type: hybrid (e-journal and print), open access

Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Publisher / Organization: Ascilite (Organization) & PKP Publishing Services Network

Year founded: 1985

Description: The Australasian Journal of Educational Technology aims to promote research and scholarship on the integration of technology in tertiary education, promote effective practice, and inform policy. The goal is to advance understanding of educational technology in post-school education settings, including higher and further education, lifelong learning, and training.

URL: https://ajet.org.au/index.php/AJET

ISSN: 1449-5554

Period of Publication: Published 6 times a year

Type: e-journal, open access

Print Journals

Most print journals are available to academics through library subscriptions via their university in print or electronic format – so the term ‘print journal’ may be misleading. The online version of an article is usually provided in PDF format and have the same typography, content, pagination and layout as the print version. Most libraries acquire digital versions of information resources in preference to those in print form for reasons of cost effectiveness and user preferences. Users with a personal subscription typically will receive both the print copy and access to the online archives.

The Internet and Higher Education

Publisher / Organization: Elsevier Ltd.


DESCRIPTION: The Internet and Higher Education is devoted to addressing contemporary issues and future developments related to online learning, teaching, and administration on the Internet in post-secondary settings. Articles should significantly address innovative deployments of Internet technology in instruction and report on research to demonstrate the effects of information technology on instruction in various contexts in higher education.

URL: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/the-internet-and-higher-education

ISSN: 1096-7516

Period of Publication: Quarterly

Type: Print

British Journal of Educational Technology

Publisher / Organization: British Educational Research Association (BERA)


DESCRIPTION: The journal publishes theoretical perspectives, methodological developments and empirical research that demonstrate whether and how applications of instructional/educational technology systems, networks, tools and resources lead to improvements in formal and non-formal education at all levels, from early years through to higher, technical and vocational education, professional development and corporate training.

LINK: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1467-8535

ISSN: 1467-8535 (online) & 0007-1013 (print)

Period of Publication: Published 6 times a year

Type: Hybrid

Computers & Education

Publisher / Organization: Elsevier Ltd.

Year founded: 1976

Description: Computers & Education aims to increase knowledge and understanding of ways in which digital technology can enhance education, through the publication of high quality research, which extends theory and practice.

URL: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/computers-and-education/

ISSN: 0360-1315

Period of Publication: About 10-12 times a year

Type: Print

Tech Trends

Publisher / Organization: Springer US

Year founded: 1985

Description: TechTrends targets professionals in the educational communication and technology field. It provides a vehicle that fosters the exchange of important and current information among professional practitioners. Among the topics addressed are the management of media and programs, the application of educational technology principles and techniques to instructional programs, and corporate and military training.

URL: https://link.springer.com/journal/11528

ISSN: 8756-3894 (Print) 1559-7075 (Online)

Period of Publication: Published 6 times a year

Type: Print & e-journal

International Journal of Information and Learning Technology

Publisher / Organization: Emerald

Year founded: 2015 (prior version since 1993)

Description: Previously published as: Campus-Wide Information Systems, the journal provides a forum for the sharing of the latest theories, applications, and services related to planning, developing, managing, using, and evaluating information technologies in administrative, academic, and library computing, as well as other educational technologies. Publishing research articles illustrating and critiquing educational technologies and new uses of technology in education; issue-or results-focused case studies detailing examples of technology applications in higher education; and in-depth analyses of the latest theories, applications and services in the field.

URL: http://emeraldgrouppublishing.com/products/journals/journals.htm?id=ijilt

ISSN: ISSN: 2056-4880 (Print)

Period of Publication: Published 5 times a year

Type: Print

AACE Journals

AACE offers six different journals that cover the topics e-learning, math and science, multimedia, interactive learning, teacher education and online learning. There are three different ways to publish in an AACE journal:

  • Submit to a conference in a special journal track:
  • Submit to a special issue: Each AACE and SITE conference has several special interest groups. SIGs organize call for papers for conference tracks, edited volumes and special issues, for example the joint call on Mobile Tech by the SIG TREND and DESIGN.
  • Submit directly to the journal: Make sure you read the requirements for each journal carefully, and select which one best fits your topic, methodology and theoretical framework.

Content is accessible to members of LearnTechLib-The Learning & Technology Library with an institutional or individual subscription.

All journals are published quarterly.

International Journal on E-Learning (IJEL)

Year founded: 2002

Description: Advances in technology and the growth of e-learning to provide educators and trainers with unique opportunities to enhance learning and teaching in corporate, government, healthcare, and higher education. IJEL serves as a forum to facilitate the international exchange of information on the current research, development, and practice of e-learning in these sectors.

Led by an Editorial Review Board of leaders in the field of e-Learning, the Journal is designed for the following audiences: researchers, developers, and practitioners in corporate, government, healthcare, and higher education. IJEL is a peer-reviewed journal.

URL: https://aace.org/pubs/ijel/

ISSN: 1537-2456

Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching (JCMST)

Year founded: 1981

Description: JCMST is a highly respected scholarly journal which offers an in-depth forum for the interchange of information in the fields of science, mathematics, and computer science. JCMST is the only periodical devoted specifically to using information technology in the teaching of mathematics and science.

URL: https://aace.org/pubs/jcmst/

ISSN: 0731-9258

Journal of Interactive Learning Research (JILR)

Year founded: 1997

Description: The Journal of Interactive Learning Research (JILR) publishes papers related to the underlying theory, design, implementation, effectiveness, and impact on education and training of the following interactive learning environments: authoring systems, cognitive tools for learning computer-assisted language learning computer-based assessment systems, computer-based training computer-mediated communications, computer-supported collaborative learning distributed learning environments, electronic performance support systems interactive learning environments, interactive multimedia systems interactive simulations and games, intelligent agents on the Internet intelligent tutoring systems, microworlds, virtual reality based learning systems.

URL: http://learntechlib.org/j/JILR/

ISSN: 1093-023X

Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia (JEMH)

Year founded: 1996

Description: JEMH is designed to provide a multi-disciplinary forum to present and discuss research, development and applications of multimedia and hypermedia in education. It contributes to the advancement of the theory and practice of learning and teaching in environments that integrate images, sound, text, and data.

URL: https://aace.org/pubs/jemh/

ISSN: 1055-8896

Journal of Technology and Teacher Education (JTATE)

Publisher / Organization: Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE)

Year founded: 1997

Description: JTATE serves as a forum for the exchange of knowledge about the use of information technology in teacher education. Journal content covers preservice and inservice teacher education, graduate programs in areas such as curriculum and instruction, educational administration, staff development instructional technology, and educational computing.

URL: https://aace.org/pubs/jtate/

ISSN: 1059-7069

Journal on Online Learning Research (JOLR)

Publisher / Organization: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)


DESCRIPTION: The Journal of Online Learning Research (JOLR) is a peer-reviewed, international journal devoted to the theoretical, empirical, and pragmatic understanding of technologies and their impact on primary and secondary pedagogy and policy in primary and secondary (K-12) online and blended environments. JOLR is focused on publishing manuscripts that address online learning, catering particularly to the educators who research, practice, design, and/or administer in primary and secondary schooling in online settings. However, the journal also serves those educators who have chosen to blend online learning tools and strategies in their face-to-face classroom.

URL: https://aace.org/pubs/jolr/

ISSN: 2374-1473


Though this list is far from exhaustive, it is a good starting point when you are looking for publishing options. Where you decide to submit your manuscript will depend on many factors such as institutional guidelines, departmental preferences, your co-authors’ choices, and, more broadly, your EdTtech network. Oftentimes, a special issue is a great opportunity to gain higher visibility for your work by placing your publication in the context of similar articles.

Before selecting an outlet, consider your own personal goals, such as, are you looking for the most prestigious journal, or a fairly quick review turnaround and publication date? Are accessibility considerations such as open access important or broad dissemination important to you? Do you look for an established journal with a long history and sustainable funding that will secure the long-term access?

How can you compare the reach of different publications? Read our upcoming blog post to learn more about journal metrics, rankings and citation information.

Further Reading

The National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL) at Dublin City University provides an annual list of the top 10 articles in the EdTech field. It is a great reading list for researchers and practitioners alike, and offers examples of outstanding publications from many of the journals listed in this selection:

Learning Bits, Bytes Delights (2017). The Top 10 for 2017: Full List of Articles and Additional Reflections. NIDL, blog post.

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