Where Are You Traveling in 2019? Angela’s Conference Favorites

In my last fifteen years in higher education, I have never travelled outside of my home city of Adelaide for work.  A statistic that for personal philosophical reasons, I’ve become increasingly proud of. I value the ability to seize the opportunities provided by online and open virtual attendance opportunities, or by just making the most of the information trickled out into social media around events.

If you are similarly geographically or situationally challenged in travelling for work, check out:

Virtually Connecting


A network of great people who help to connect virtual attendees to on-the-ground attendees.

Here are some events I’ll be following in 2019:

January – March

Teaching Complexity: Online Seminar Series. Explore open and creative approaches to teaching and learning.


Curated by Dr Bonnie Stewart (Visiting Fellow, UAL) and David White (Head of Digital Learning, UAL) this a series of really interesting sounding online seminars, facilitated by some thinkers and doers I have lots of respect for and some new names I look forward to discovering. You do need to register for online access, but it’s free.

Topics:  connected teaching and learning, working open, digital fieldwork, teaching and complexity, inclusive spaces.


Digital Pedagogy Lab Toronto


You can follow DPL events online easily by connecting up to speakers and attendees  and by finding out information via the programme.

Topics: digital storytelling, open pedagogy, radical assessment and ungrading, inclusive design, digital pedagogy.


Creative Commons Global Summit 2019


Topics: creators (artists, makers, creators), ethics of openness, open ed, GLAM, legal, policy and copyright reform


Digital Pedagogy Lab DPL 2019


This conference is always seems full of big hearts, kindness and thoughtful pedagogy that asks critical questions about what we are doing with technology in education.

Topics: open pedagogy, play in practice, digital identity, education agency and change, social justice and the curriculum, community-based digital pedagogy

AACE Conferences

All AACE conferences offer the option of virtually attending, and even presenting your paper online. These are the dates and locations for 2019:

Where are you headed to in 2019? Leave comments with your recommendations and conference travel plans, and we will create an AACE Community calendar!

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  1. I decided to submit my presentation paper abstract for New Orleans E-Learn conference. I hope my abstract will be accepted and I get a scholarship for my travelling.

  2. SITE
    Las Vegas – March 18-22

  3. interested in Creative Commons Global Summit 2019 and Virtually Connecting thanks for the links

  4. Sandra Figaro-Henry

    ELearn New Orleans here I come !

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