What do you think are the three biggest changes in e-learning in the last 5-7 year?

When people talk about changes in e-learning they tend to focus on changes in technology or improvements in applications.  While no one can argue that technology is a major factor in how the e-learning field has changed, I think there are other subtle and equally important changes.

I would be interested in your view of these changes and why they are important.  I would also like to hear about how  you think these changes will impact educators learners, and organizations.

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  1. policy changes, research based projects and alliances between countries

  2. I recently attended a conference that discussed how policy changes are being put in place due to the huge demand and increase in elearning, now they want to define exactly what it is. Also accrediting boards are taking notice and adding it to policy.

  3. The main challenge for me In Malaysia is the issue of buy-in. Perhaps, here training is still seen as a cost rather than investment. Second challenge is IP rights to content developed especially in institution of higher learning. Subject matter experts are not willing to put in the time because they could see the rewards coming. Finally, cost is also a factor. The high start up cost discourages organizations to consider e-learning as an alternative way of training. Thank you and hope to see you in Vegas.

  4. ChristinaMandrusiak

    One of the biggest challenges/opportunities I have faced recently is in the area of culture change when working with companies that have relied on face to face learning environments and despite knowing there is an absolute need to begin incorporating blended and online learning, the resistance to change is immense (sometimes the fear of the unknown takes over). Changing an entire company’s learning culture is a big challenge, but I have approached with developed learner and faculty support models to assist in overcoming the barriers. The barriers come down, but it seems, very slowly. I’m looking forward to discussing this, and other isses with all of you in Vegas.

  5. MinnamariNaumanen

    Inclusion of elderly ppl (of today)to this very discussion. Most of our elderly of today still lack the very basic skills to be full members of “this digital era” .. maybe I wud like to rise discussion in the area or “life-long learning”. What that is all about …

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