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In this blog post, I discuss visual collaboration tools that allow groups to create galleries, share documents, and communicate through chat, comments or other messaging services. Whether you wish to share ideas, create new content, or invite collaborators to contribute to a project, digital pin boards offer an environment to manage and share files and assets efficiently.


Padlet is a digital pin board that lets you gather a variety of objects such as pictures, videos, clips, audio files, web links, and much more. The essence of Padlet is to provide a place where people can work on a project in a fun and interactive way. You can also download the Android and iOS app to get started. Once you are logged in, you can create a new wall. You can add a link to an image found online or you can upload a photo of your own, comments, videos or open notes related to the topic. The toolbar editor provides additional options to customize your canvas with title, layout, description, and privacy settings – your work can be shared with anybody you choose.


RealtimeBoard is an infinite virtual board where you can work with any visual content. Individually or within a team, you will be able to attach pictures, draw diagrams and graphics, or create collages. The comment option provides a mini-chat, so that team members can leave notes for various items, an essential feature for collaboration purposes. Thanks to the integration of Google Drive, you can conveniently and visually work with documents, edit them, and share your work. There is also a set of templates including boards for agile management and a template for the Osterwalder business model. The results can be saved as a picture or a PDF file. You can also save the board as a presentation.


This service provides sticky notes on a web browser, iOS, or Android devices. You can change their size by dragging or tilting them. In the edit mode, you can add tags, change its font color, icon, or color. Tags will help you find similar notes. You are able to post and upload any file including images, customizable frames, and even YouTube videos. You can also easily find the latest notes by setting a due date on a note, thus allowing you to locate it on your calendar. If you have several canvases, simply move the notes around by managing the control settings.

Whether you are working with a team or trying to meet a tight deadline, these visual tools are sure to enhance productivity and promote interactive collaboration among team members. You can start using any of the three environments by signing up for a free account.



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  1. We use Padlet mainly for the etwinning project activities, but I haven´t heard about the other tools. Thank you

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