Language Translation Capacity added to E-Learn Blog

Participants in the E-Learn 2008 Blog can now view postings in quite a few languages.  You simply enter the Blog off the E-Learn 2008 Las Vegas home page and then click on the Translate Blog link below the blue Resource Links button.  I read through the Spanish translation and it was quite accurate.

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  1. MinnamariNaumanen

    Finnish, however, is quite far from accurate (but, as learning shoud be fun in these days, this makes it like that :-)). I think that by using “real users” (r there any, donno) you could get a nice and accurate translation, instead of using machines that have no clue of grammar what-so-ever!

  2. Aha, the Chinese translation is far from accurate too. One reason is probably because the sentence structures in the two language are quite different. We may need voluteer translators?

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