Heading to Las Vegas

As co-chair, I’d like to welcome everyone again and especially those who are travelling from abroad.  E-Learn 2008 will provide a great opportunity to get to know others working in various learning environments in different corners of the world.  In addition to Tom’s tips on Las Vegas, I thought I’d check out the forecast, for many of us who are out-of-towners. It looks like we’ll have a very nice weather with the average high of around  75 °F (23-24°C) to the average low of 44-50°F (7-10°C). It sounds pretty similar to the weather here in Houston but I always try to pack something warmer just in case. Feel free to use this blog to ask any questions regarding your preparation for this trip and I’d be happy to look for answers with you!

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  1. ChristinaMandrusiak

    Thanks for the info. I’m travelling from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I’ll be packing my shorts 🙂

  2. Speaking of what to bring… What is the norm for conference attire?

  3. The conferences I’ve been, the usual choices seemed to be (1)a suit (slacks/skirt with jacket)–the safest (2)something equivalent, like shirt & slacks/skirt or even not-so-casual sweater/cardigan.
    As long as they are not “too casual”( jeans, T-shirts, shorts) or too dressy, it should be ok, I think.

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