Experiments in YouTube Learning

For my talk on Tuesday, 2:45 PM (Learning from and Teaching on YouTube), I’ll be reflecting on some of the lessons my students and I have learned while challenging the architectural, entertainment, and corporate imperatives of YouTube by trying to take and teach a college class there. Last week, I gave a related talk at the Future of Writing Conference at UC Irvine on “Video/Writing.” If you’re interested in preparing for my slightly wacky talk at E-Learn you might want to watch this most recent attempt at presenting my creative project in digital pedagogy. My Irvine “talk” can be seen on YouTube (see my playlists and hit PlayAll) or in a different format on my blog (see Video Writing entry). In these two attempts at digital scholarship, as is true across this project, I am trying to mark the awkward, clunky, fitful (but fun and illuminating) process of moving one pedagogic process across to a new set of technological tools not necessarily built for these purposes but certainly entrancing to our students (and society) nevertheless. As you’ll see, my findings (and forms) tend toward the playful and the pessimistic. I look forward to interacting with you in person soon.

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