Cambly- The mLearning App for English

AACE social media intern Jennifer Wright shares her experiences with teaching English as a second language through the mobile app cambly.


Being able to learn anywhere or anytime is the definition of the practice known as mLearning (mobile learning). MLearning can be found in online classroom environments, virtual educational tools, and even the device in everyone’s hand…the smartphone. Want to run a 5k? There is an app for that! Want to learn how to play guitar? There is an app for that! How about learning a language? This is where Cambly comes in. This app has taken the world of learning English as a second language (ESL) by storm.

English teacher by day, Educational Technology graduate student by night, I found myself looking for ways to create added income. When researching what would work for myself, I came across many online teaching opportunities. While they were appealing to me, I could not dedicate the obligatory hours every day on top of my schedule. Enter Cambly.

What is Cambly?

Cambly is a app/service that allows English language learners to pay a monthly subscription fee for a certain number of minutes (depending on the package they buy). It is great for the learners because there is the convenience that they can talk when they want for as long as they want. They can also peruse the many Cambly tutors and speak to whomever they choose. The sessions are informal but there are structured lessons provided through Cambly.

How does it work?

It took several months for me to get through their hiring process. I had to film myself speaking and teaching as well as provide proof of my certifications. Then, I waited. Finally, I was hired and began taking calls.

Essentially, Cambly is like Uber for learning English. As a tutor, you switch your profile on when you want to work and then take calls for as long as you like. You get paid by the minute and on Mondays Cambly deposits your weekly earnings.

I have loved my experience so far, having met people from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China, Korea, Brazil, Egypt and many more countries. What a testament to modern technology that with a simple device I can not only help others learn but I am also learning about their cultures as well. I am taking so much from this experience. I believe as we look towards the future we will see more options like Cambly as learning tools.

About the Author

Jennifer Wright is a 33 year old Middle School English teacher in Oklahoma. After 10 years in the classroom, she decided to take the leap of faith and get a Masters in Educational Technology-Media Studies at Oklahoma State University. She is set to graduate in 2018. When she is not working or studying, she is spending time with her husband of 9 years, Danny, and their 5 year old daughter, Gentry.

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  1. Hi
    I wanna improve my English like a native speaker
    So tell me the way how to

  2. Cambly customer service is just about the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Somehow, my tutor account was totally deleted. I’m not even sure if I was fired or what, if anything, I did wrong. This month was my 3-year anniversary on Cambly. I had logged over 18,000 chats earning more than $47,000. As far as I knew everything was fine. I had about 3 weeks of Priority Hours booked and many reservations scheduled. I had a small and loyal following of regular students, many of whom I had known for years. It would have been nice to at least say goodbye. I guess I’ll never get that chance.

  3. I’m Arshad from Kenya with bachelor’s degree in development studies but I was teaching English for one year before joining university and I believe I can teach English like the native English speakers.

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