July 1-5, 2024

Brussels, Belgium

EdMedia Emerging Scholar Stream

Did you know that EdMedia + Innovate Learning hosts a “conference within a conference”
specifically for Ph.D. candidates, Masters students, and new faculty?


EdMedia is proud to offer a special stream of talks, clinics, discussions and social events specifically tailored for emerging scholars and graduate students. Each day will provide an extravaganza of events with the opportunity for discussions, informal conversations, and social opportunities to connect you to the conference and your fellow students.

The stream will also appeal to supervisors, advisors, early career researchers and others interested in the conduct of research in educational technology fields. This stream has several activities designed to give you a rich and meaningful experience in the conference.

Final Call for Papers Due: May 22, 2024

Sessions & Events for 2024

Student Poster Demonstrations

  • We invite masters and graduate students to submit your in-progress research proposals for Poster Presentation! Get valuable feedback from the Students’ Review Committee and engage with our wide audience of scholars at Posters Social Night.
  • Student Posters let you present in a dynamic, casual environment with less pressure of a paper submission and all the same exposure, plus publication and possibly nomination for Student Poster Award!

Outstanding Student Paper Awards

  • Select student paper submissions will be awarded for Outstanding Student Paper Awards.

Invited Panel: AI and Instructional Design: Competitor or Collaborators? 

During this session the panellists and the audience will engage in a wide-ranging and thought-provoking dialogue about recent developments in AI technology and its implications for higher education and, specifically, for instructional design. Topics will include: A basic introduction to AI terminology, emerging applications of AI in higher education settings inside and out of the classroom, AI prompt engineering, emerging issues in AI policy and regulation, as well as shared experiences on benefits and challenges considering.

Spotlight Session: Irradiate your research: Communicate your research to show impact!

In today’s highly competitive academic landscape it is critical for researchers to: communicate their research, demonstrate the significance of their academic work, enhance their research visibility and show impact of how their work can contribute to the broader society. This session will explore various strategies and best practices for researchers to effectively communicate their research findings. The session will use the Increasing Research Visibility and Impact Framework (Murray, AD et al, 2018) to guide the researchers on how to communicate their research to show impact. The session will showcase each of the five levels within the framework and provide  examples of each. Furthermore, the session will discuss the role of different forms of communication channels including academic journals, conferences, social media platforms, and traditional media outlet. Additionally the session will address the importance of media and visual communication tools, such as infographics, data visualizations, videos abstract, and podcasts to enhance the accessibility and visibility. It also emphasizes the need for researchers to prioritize clarity, coherence, and visual appeal in designing these communication materials for the broader research community.

EdMedia Podcast Series

  • Bridging the gap between Higher Education and Practice with a series of Podcasts before and during the conference. Structured hosted by the Executive Committee members and focusing on relevant topics related to specially selected papers and posters. Unstructured podcasts will highlight short reflections of the day!

The Emerging Scholar Stream also Includes:

  • Social networking opportunities through AcademicExperts to facilitate discussion during and after the conference, and a dedicated Twitter stream #EmergingScholars
  • Daily social activities, discussions, and informal gathering with other emerging scholars and the EdMedia Executive Committee
  • Help or feedback on your presentation slides provided every day by the EdMedia planning group member during the “Presentation Help-Sessions”
  • On-going networking and social interactions among research peers and experts in the conference

Did you know?

  • AACE and EdMedia offer this program as a service to students by presenting high quality, research training opportunities.
  • The Emerging Scholar program is available for registered attendees at EdMedia. Special registration is not required to attend ESS events!
  • Your home institution might consider structuring a readings/seminar course or independent study contract for you that includes attendance at these and other EdMedia sessions as part of the course requirements.
  • You may be able to use the Emerging Scholar sessions to gain credit towards your degree.

ESS Chairs

Madalina Tincu, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Verona Leendertz, North West University South Africa