July 1-5, 2024

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Hotel & Travel

Brussels is a lively city that’s always on the go. It has an incredible wealth of culture, heritage and architecture just waiting to be discovered. Explore its must-see places, museums, exhibitions, quirky corners and vibrant events.

The conference will take place at the Odisee University of Applied Sciences.


EdMedia has secured a limited number of discounted rooms at Le Plaza Brussels.

€175/night, valid July 1-7, 2024.

Hotel Le Plaza is a landmark build in 1930, a splendid setting for weekends and pleasant breaks, but also for conferences and incentives. The airport is at only half an hour and also the Gare du Nord (link to the airport) and the Gare du Midi (Thalys and Eurostar) are easily accessible. The Grand Place, the Théâtre de la Monnaie and the best shopping areas are only at a stone’s throw.
The hotel, in the heart of Brussels offers 25 suites and 165 rooms. Following a break of 20 years due to major urban redevelopment, Hotel Le Plaza was reborn in 1996 at the instigation of its proprietor, the Baron van Gysel de Meise, who was committed to restoring the luxury hotel while conserving its original features. 10 years after its reopening, Hotel Le Plaza is once more one of the finest private luxury hotels in Europe.

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Brussels Airport (BRU is an international airport in the municipality of Zaventem in Flemish Brabant, 7 miles northeast of Brussels, Belgium. All airport information can be found here. There are many ground transportation options available once you arrive.

VISA Process: While AACE cannot intervene in the visa process, we do provide registered attendees with a letter of invitation to use with your visa application.


Things to Do & See in Brussels

  • Must-see Museums: Brussels has many great museums to give you a sampling of the city’s culture and creativity. 100 Years of Surrealism Exhibit | Magritte Museum | Belgian Beer World | Choco-Story Choloate Museum | Musical Instruments Museum
  • Trappist Breweries: Great Belgian beer is easy to find in Brussels, from Trappist to craft, and all between. The sought-after Trappist ales should be top of your list to try. If you are looking for Trappist beer, you can get it on tap in many places, but because these brews are exclusively crafted by monks in monasteries, you may have to travel to get to the source. .There are 6 Trappist breweries in Belgium and Westmalle brewery is only 2 hours from Brussels by train/bus for a nice weekend trip. Here is a map of other Trappist breweries you can visit.
  • Cantillon Brewery (aka Brasserie Cantillon) is one of the best places to visit in Brussels for beer fans. This historic brewery makes only lambic beer, which spontaneously ferments with wild yeast, compared to most beers that have a tightly-controlled fermentation process. Cantillon was one of more than 100 breweries in Brussels when it began in 1900, but it is the only one that still exists from that time.
  • Day Trips: Explore even further with some great options for short day trips close to Brussels. Try a visit to Ostend on the coast, or the beautiful medieval cities of Bruges and Ghent.ps://www.mim.be/en
  • Mannekin Pis – For a cheeky bit of history, visit the Mannekin Pis statue. It  was originally made all the way back in 1619. So even though it’s a bit odd, it’s quite historic. This peeing cherub draws attention from visitors of all ages.
  • Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula – This gorgeous French-gothic style cathedral is home to chapel dedicated to St. Michael that dating back to at least the 9th century. And although the current version of this stunning building honoring the male and female patron saints of Brussels opened in 1519, it was under construction for 300 years before. At nearly 600 years old, it must be one of the oldest and prettiest things to see in Brussels.
  • Parc Du Cinquantenaire – Built in 1880 to mark the 50th anniversary of Belgium’s independence, Cinquantenaire Park is both a collection of French-style gardens and a historical site that’s home to monuments, sculptures and museums. It’s dominated by a triumphal arch with three arches and a bronze quadriga at its summit, which offers a stunning panoramic view of the capital. The wide paths lead to the Pavilion of Human Passions designed by Victor Horta, the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History, the Art & History Museum and Autoworld, the car museum.Take part in events here throughout the year: sporting events, festivals, concerts, fireworks… In the summer, you can enjoy a short break at the Guinguette Maurice pop-up bar.
  • Grab a Waffle – Even if your time in Brussels is short, indulging in a delicious waffle should be at the top of your list. Our favorites (and the ones we believe are the best in the city) are at Maison Dandoy. This shop has been cranking out delicious, baked-to-order treats since 1829, so they know what they’re doing.
  • The Bourse – Right off Grand Place is the Bourse, Belgium’s stock exchange that dates from 1873. After standing empty for a decade, the building is now used for special exhibits ranging from photography retrospectives to immersive experiences about everything from the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii to the work of Vincent Van Gogh. There is also a cafe and the (slightly controversial) Belgian Beer World museum. The museum’s interactive, sensory-based exhibit covers everything from the history of beer brewed by monks to modern production. Don’t miss the Sky Bar that offers an incredible view of the city–it’s the last stop on the museum visit and is open to the public in the evening.
  • The Mont des Arts (Kunstberg) is exactly as the name says–the “hill of the arts.” In this area that separates the upper and lower parts of Brussels, visitors can experience almost every conceivable artistic activity. There are concerts at Bozar, movies at Cinematek, and exhibitions at the Royal Museums of the Fine Arts and the Musical Instrument Museum. There’s lots to do in this area, but you can also  just to enjoy the incredible view. The geometric garden and the vista it provides of downtown Brussels and the spire of Town Hall is one of the most popular places in the city.
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Places to Eat in Brussels

  • Maison Antoine – If you come to Brussels, you eat frites. That’s just how it goes. Maison Antoine is voted by locals and tourists alike as the best fries in the city. Fried at a low heat, and then thrown into a second frier at a much higher heat, Belgian fries are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside—making them the perfect vehicle for lots and lots of mayo.

  • Le Cirio – Le Cirio is one of the oldest brasseries in Brussels, dating back to 1909. Although it’s positioned in the middle of the tourist square, the clientele is mainly locals. The 19th-century decor alone is worth the visit.

    Cafe des Spores – Fan of fungus? Head to Cafe des Spores immediately. This unpretentious French restaurant uses market fresh mushrooms in every single dish—even the dessert.

  • Maison Renardy – Like fries, Brussels a city packed full of proud chocolatiers. Skip the commercial exports in the Grand Place and head to Maison Renardy in the trendy Ixelles neighbourhood. Family owned and operated, Maison Renardy offers a fun selection of handmade chocolate—from Cognac and darjeeling tea, to candied ginger and fresh pistachio. It’s also known to locals as the cafe with the best hot chocolate in the city.

  • L’amere a Boire  There’s no escaping beer in Belgium. Even if you’re more of a wine drinker, you’ll appreciate the beers served up at the cozy L’amere a Boire. Try one of the offerings from Cantillon, one of the last lambic breweries in Belgium

    Menma –  Ramen in Brussels? Yes! Menma is the little sister to Michelin-starred Kamo. Their use of fresh ingredients, hand-pulled noodles and thick, satisfying Tonkotsu broth is inarguably one of the best in Western Europe.

  • Noordzee – This well-known Belgian delicacy is best sourced from the Noordzee market. Here, you’ll also find anything from razor clam to Irish oysters. White wine and champagne is also available.

  • Nona – If you’re in the mood for a great pizza, head to Nona. The modern Italian restaurant prides itself on its sustainable practices, even noting down the names of each and every farmer they source their seasonal ingredients from.