July 1-5, 2024

Brussels, Belgium

EdMedia Testimonials

What your colleagues are saying about EdMedia Conferences

“I would just like to say that in the MANY conferences I have attended, SITE and EdMedia are the best organized, best planned, and best managed conferences! Thanks for all your hard work, your attention to detail, and your constant updates. It is a pleasure to submit, be accepted, and attend your meetings!”

Susan Myers, Texas Tech Univ., USA

“EdMedia is becoming a key-event for those who play a role in learning communities, learning organizations and educational institutions. EdMedia has the right ambiance to bridge the worlds of practitioners, research, industry and leadership.”

Piet Kommers Univ. of Twente, The Netherlands

“One of the great benefits of the EdMedia conference is the diverse audience that it draws. We were able to share information with individuals from a global perspective. The conference guests represented not only a variety of countries, but also a broad range of education-related fields.”

Susan Andrews, Research Center for Educational Technology, Kent State Univ., USA

“The diversity, breadth and depth of offerings at EdMedia is incredible. If you’re a higher-education professional seeking exposure to others who do “out-of-the-box” thinking, this conference is one you must attend.”

Jim Duncan, Assistant Director for Technology Services, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, The Univ. of Iowa, USA

“EdMedia is one of the most international e-learning conferences I go to, bringing an interesting and diverse group of educators and researchers together.”

Lisa Neal, Managing Consultant, EDS Digital Learning, USA

“EdMedia is an exceptionally well-organized conference with presentations by researchers and practitioners in a variety of contexts pertinent to the educational use of media”

J. Michael Spector, Syracuse Univ., USA

“EdMedia conference series is unique in its coverage of different kinds and aspects of modern educational technologies. This is “the conference” to attend if you want to learn what’s going on in this field.”

Peter Brusilovsky, Univ. of Pittsburgh, USA

“EdMedia is a delightfully international forum for discourse among a wide range of educators who are truly engaged in the process of discovering effective, and often innovative, technology-mediated teaching and learning practices.”

Patricia McGee, Dept. of Interdisciplinary Studies and Curriculum & Dev., The Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, USA

“I consider EdMedia to be the premier event for people interested in getting together to discuss the latest developments and research related to the use of IT in Education.”

Dale Burnett, Univ. of Lethbridge, Canada

“I have attended EdMedia almost since its beginnings and find it one of the most internationally diverse and professionally enriching meetings I attend. It also is one of the best organized and administered meetings I attend. If you are looking for a meeting that spans a broad range of topics related to educational multimedia, hypermedia, and telecommunications, EdMedia is the meeting for you.”

James B. Pettijohn, Professor of e-Business, Southwest Missouri State University, USA

“EdMedia is one of the major US and international educators’ events that regularly brings together the most notable achievements in educational technology and its applications. It makes a positive effect on the quality of teaching and learning, and should be recommended to all college professors and school teachers.”

Peter Serdyukov Associate Professor National University La Jolla, CA USA 

“I have attended four EdMedia Conferences since 1999 and plan on attending future conferences. A major benefit of the EdMedia conference is that it provides an international perspective and cross-cultural viewpoints from a range of experts and practitioners in the field of ICT. The generous exchange of ideas, eclectic range of topics, papers and presenters help to inform and focus my own practice in the field of educational multimedia.”

Mike Keppell Head, Biomedical Multimedia Unit The University of Melbourne Australia

“The ideas and personal contacts I have through the years at EdMedia have been very helpful in my career development.”

Carmel McNaught, Professor of Learning Enhancement, Chinese University of Hong Kong

“This is the only conference that pulls together practitioners and researchers from all areas of education. I have not missed a single conference, and I have profited from every one.”

Professor H. Maurer, Graz University of Technology, Austria

“EdMedia has grown to be one of the foremost conferences where practitioners and researchers in the broad field of educational multimedia can discuss and debate critical issues. It is also a forum where experts and newcomers mingle and network – and a great place to meet people in the field from around the world.”

Rod Sims, Teaching & Learning Support Unit, Deakin University, Australia

“The best aspect of the EdMedia conferences are that they are truly international. In one of the workshops I facilitated, there were participants from 18 different countries. It is a terrific way to check your assumptions and biases, as well as learn new strategies, techniques, and perspectives.”

Jackie Dobrovolny, Triple Play, USA

“If you are seriously interested in the professional development of Educational Technology, attend an EdMedia Conference. There is no better way to learn about this technology, and its leaders, than attendance at one of these international gatherings. If you can attend only one professional meeting a year,I strongly suggest that you consider EdMedia. You won’t be disappointed.”

Richard J. O’Connor Professor of Educational Technology University of Arkansas at Monticello, USA

“I think one of the major strengths of EdMedia is the cross-section of training and educational professionals from such a large number of countries. This provides a diverse range of perspectives which is is enriching. The opportunities for networking is also a strength alongside a variety of different types of conference activities (e.g. full papers, SIGs, workshops, invited speakers, etc.”

Malcolm Ryan, School of Education & Training, University of Greenwich, UK

“The attendance of an EdMedia conference gives the opportunity to meet colleagues, who are actively engaged in the development of new trends. The participants enjoying discussions, presentations, good organization usually create contacts and become frequent attendees.”

Christina Metaxaki-Kossionides, University of Thrace, Greece