July 1-5, 2024

Brussels, Belgium

Presenter Guide

Helpful Videos from AACE/SITE

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This 5-part video series was produced by Catherine Fulford for AACE.

Make Your Posters Great

Why posters are beneficial, how to make them reflect you, look great, and what to avoid. Produced by Catherine Fulford for AACE.

General Information

Your Presentation:

Approximately 1000 colleagues from 60+ countries will participate in this conference and any number of them could attend your session. Plan to communicate effectively during your presentation:

  • Make use of the equipment provided to demonstrate and enhance your ideas as much as possible.
  • Attendees may have already read your paper before attending your presentation; prepare to communicate elements of your work that are not easily conveyed in print.
  • You may want to review the conference proceedings to gain a better understanding of your colleague’s work, similar interests, or potential for exchange and discussion.

If the presentation prior to yours is canceled, please wait to begin your session at the appointed time so that all those who plan to attend your session can.


All Presenters attending the conference must register and pay the registration fee. At least one presenter must register before the early registration deadline to ensure inclusion in the Final Program. Other presenters for the same session may register onsite.

Guidelines for Workshop Instructors

Honorarium and Registration

In appreciation for your contribution, workshop presenters receive one complimentary registration per workshop. Presentation must be confirmed within 2 weeks of the acceptance notification.

Note: If you wish to limit the number of attendees in your session, please let us know immediately. Otherwise, the limit will be based upon the maximum number that the room and equipment can support.

Handout Materials

For Workshop presentations, you are highly encouraged to provide handout materials as a supplement.

You are responsible for making your own copies prior to the conference. You will be notified approximately a week prior to the conference of the number of pre-registered participants for your session.

The conference cannot be responsible for shipping costs associated with your session.

Workshop Evaluation Forms should be picked up at the Registration Desk prior to your session.

On the Day of Your Session

A conference worker will be assigned to check registrants. Please do not allow people without a badge to enter the presentation room. If individuals arrive after, please ask for their proof of registration.

Please be sure to pick up your workshop packet from the Registration Desk, including: forms to receive honorarium, evaluation & sign in sheets. You are requested to have each participant complete the Evaluation Form before leaving the session. Collect the forms and hand them in to the Registration Desk immediately after your session.

Please contact the Registration Desk in case of any equipment problems or other difficulties.

Thank you in advance for your contribution toward making this a beneficial experience for your workshop participants.

Poster/Demonstration & Corporate Demonstration Presentation Guidelines


All Presenters attending the conference must register and pay the registration fee. The primary presenter must register before the early registration deadline to insure inclusion in the Final Program.


Posters/Demonstrations (2 hours): These sessions enable presenters to demonstrate and discuss research, development and applications in progress to gain feedback and to establish contacts.

Corporate Demonstration (2 hours): Demonstrate and discuss your company’s products, services, developments, applications, and research, gain feedback, and establish contacts. Not included in the Proceedings. Format Scheduled during Poster/Demonstrations.

Poster/demos will be grouped together in open exhibition-style; this is an informal event with a circulating audience. Immediate interest plays a big role in whether someone will stop to discuss your poster/demo. Effective posters include large graphics that are easily seen from 15 feet. Type that is 12 pt size or smaller is all but invisible to the audience, and small photos or images on 8-1/2 x 11″ sheets are also difficult to see.

The most successful demonstrations are those that are relatively brief to permit easy access for new audiences, and those in which the audience can actually participate.


The following materials will be provided for Poster/Demos & Corporate Demos only:

  • 6 foot long table
  • 4 feet high x 8 feet wide poster board
  • Electricity source (when available and upon request)
  • Internet connection (wireless access is included for all registrants)

Please note that the conference does not provide equipment for Poster/Demos. You area welcome to use a laptop in addition to your poster to display part of your info or to show a demo. Presenters will be required to provide their own software and hardware.  Bear in mind that overhead projectors and slides are not a workable presentation style as the room is large, well-lit and there is no room for a screen. If you need other equipment, rental information can be provided.

Please bring your own office supplies, such as tape, scissors, push pins, etc. The Conference will try to have some on hand, but can’t always supply these to everyone.

Shipping: You should have your materials shipped to your hotel room. The Conference staff cannot receive materials for you — do not have them shipped to the registration desk. We cannot accept responsibility for your shipment.

Minimum Equipment Standards


Please note that the conference cannot provide equipment for Poster/Demos, Corporate Demonstrations, or Roundtables.


HARDWARE (Minimum specs): PC Laptop with Pentium Dual-Core 2 GHz processor. Windows 7, 2 GB RAM, CD/DVD-ROM, two USB ports (USB 2.0), Speakers, XGA Data Projector – 2700 ANSI Lumen or greater, Projection Screen

SOFTWARE: Microsoft Office 2007, Internet Explorer 11. It is the presenter’s responsibility to make sure the machine has the correct plug-ins if their application requires them. (see Session Set-UP, below, for information on when you can access the computer to set-up and test your application). Technical

Equipment CANNOT be provided for:

Conference-wide WiFi available for all paid attendees.


You should consider bringing:

  • Your laptop (presenters are strongly urged to bring their own laptop and necessary chargers).
  • Power adapter for non-US equipment (or US equipment if in Europe).

All projectors will connect with your laptop using a standard HDMI connector.  If you are bringing a Mac, you must bring the correct adapter to connect your Mac to HDMI.

If you have questions or encounter difficulty when technical staff is not immediately available, go to the conference registration desk. Staff can contact technical assistance for you.

To review or modify your presentation on site, we recommend that you load software, double-check your presentation and make changes on the equipment you will be using during your presentation. The best times to access your presentation room is early morning, prior to or during the keynote, or during the lunch break before the afternoon sessions.

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