July 1-5, 2024

Brussels, Belgium

EdMedia FAQs

Welcome to EdMedia 2024!

Thank you for your registration to EdMedia!  Remember to tag your tweets with #EdMedia24 and follow us at @AACE.  

How is This Conference Different?

We are hosting EdMedia 2024 with the Odisee University of Applied Sciences Brussels Campus. Crossover sessions and streaming opportunities will enhance your experience and include EVERYONE! Together we have planned for a week full of exciting events, presenter-attendee interaction, social connection and the latest in cutting-edge research to benefit innovators, researchers, and educators.

The year we will also offer a new inclusive format that will bring us together both face-to-face AND virtually!  No matter your location, all attendees will have access to some key on-location sessions via live-streaming and joining through asynchronous virtual sessions. This setup will allow convenience and connection for all attendees, all at once!

Where do I go?

The F2F conference is taking place at the: Odisee University of Applied Sciences, Brussels, Belgium

Address: Rue d’Assaut 2, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Virtual sessions will take place on AcademicExperts.org and through the use of Zoom. All asynchronous sessions are housed within the AE platform and the links to the live session Zoom rooms are all listed within the daily schedule of sessions on AE. Should passwords be required for online sessions, registered attendees will be sent that information via email each day.

What is being presented at EdMedia 2024?

The conference features the same high-quality presentation types as you’ve come to expect, now in a hybrid format.

  • LIVE Keynote Talks streamed each morning followed by a LIVE keynote conversation for Q&A
  • FREE LIVE F2F Workshops 
  • F2F Panels & Symposia
  • F2F Posters and Innovators Playground sessions
  • F2F Concurrent Sessions:  Both Research & Practice Based papers in multiple formats: Full papers, Brief papers, Best Practices, Roundtable discussions, Posters & More
  • Virtual Sessions: Prerecorded Virtual Papers Full & Brief Papers. Some select papers will be live-streamed into the F2F conference for crossover interactions!

See all the presentation types here. See all the topics here.

What are the current safety measures being taken regarding COVID-19?

The University will ensure the conference meets safely and that all local, national, and hotel guidelines for health and safety are upheld.

  • Details of current practices and regulations.
  • Masks are not currently required.

Will I be allowed to travel/obtain a Visa to attend in person?

Every attendee is responsible for checking with their respective government regarding the ability to travel to Austria. Please visit the country travel page here for more details.

How do I get there and where do attendees stay?


When will I know my scheduled presentation time?

Sessions are scheduled as they are confirmed. After you receive an acceptance letter, please make sure you have registered AND confirmed your presentation. The deadline for registering and confirming is June 19.  If you know in advance you need to request a specific date or time frame, please let us know at [email protected].

Setting up your AcademicExperts Profile

Be sure to set up your AcademicExperts profile for participant session planning, Zoom Meeting access, and social interaction. Log in using the same email address and password you used to register and log into aace.org.  

Create your Profile from Edit Profile (dropdown menu from your name at top). and add a photo, organization, links, publications, etc.

– Under Sessions, search for and add to My Planner to create your list sessions to attend.

– Under Attendees, search for colleagues and new friends by name, organization, and country.  

While many of you are familiar with AE, we have added some features to help navigate this year’s online conference. Be sure to explore the upgrades before conference begins.

Navigating your conference: AcademicExperts.org Schedule Planning, Meeting Room Access & Social Platform

AcademicExperts.org will function as your Conference Navigator to:

  • plan your session schedule
  • view all papers and uploaded PPTs
  • access live virtual meeting rooms in Zoom
  • view pre-recorded virtual presentations
  • connect with and message fellow participants
  • create or update your personal profile
  • include in your profile imported publications from LearnTechLib.org – The Learning & Technology Library
  • create and participate in discussions connected to every presentation as well as  outside of presentations
  • view social web feeds

Accessing Zoom Meeting Rooms 

In order to protect the privacy of our attendees and the integrity of the organization, **new links to Zoom meeting rooms will be provided each day of the conference for registrants only through the AcademicExperts schedule**. This is another security measure we are taking to protect our attendees. 

If a meeting room is streamed, URLs will only be provided to EdMedia registrants on AcademicExperts.org. Sharing URLs is strictly forbidden, as this will compromise the security of the EdMedia conference and our participants. 

How to Find SIG Meetings in Academic Experts: 

Helpful resource: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e1zun9v12czovmt/How%20to%20Access%20SIG%20Meetings%20in%20AE.mov?dl=0 

F2F Presenter Guidelines

Conference Presiders/Session Chairs are essential to ensuring that the paper presentations progress smoothly. Each presenter is requested to volunteer for one session as a Presider. Invitations will be sent to confirmed presenters. The conference very much appreciates your contribution to the conference.

We ask that presenters be aware of the following during their presentation to maintain a great day! For more specific details on your presentation type, visit the Presenter Guidelines page.

  • Maintaining the Schedule: Each presenter must begin and finish their presentations on the posted time. Maintaining the presentation schedule within the session hour helps to fairly ensure that all presenters receive their allocated time. The presider has the authority to stop a session that has run overtime and is requested to report overages to the Registration desk staff.
  • Full Papers are scheduled 2 to an hour, and each presenter should present for 25 minutes only – this includes time for questions and equipment changeover.
    • Example hour for Full Papers:
      #1: 10:05-10:30
      #2: 10:35-11:00
  • For Brief Papers, each presenter has 15 minutes including questions.
    • Example hour for Brief Papers:
      #1: 10:05-10:20
      #2: 10:25-10:40
      #3: 10:45-11:00
  • No Shows: In instances where a presenter, who is not last in the hour, is not present or has cancelled, please wait to begin the next paper until the scheduled time, so that all who planned to attend the remaining paper(s) can.
  • Technical: Prior to each session, a technical support person will connect all of the equipment for the presenters. Presenters should refrain from connecting or moving equipment themselves, as each room is scheduled for particular equipment and uses. If the presenter has a technical problem that they cannot resolve, please contact either a conference technical person near the meeting room or the Registration desk for assistance.

Asynchronous Presenter Guidelines 

To view Asynchronous Presentations, visit: https://academicexperts.org/conf/edmedia/2020/schedule/#virtual-papers

 Asynchronous / Pre-Recorded Presentation Requirements:

For publication, all virtual presenters are required to:

  1. Upload a pre-recorded audio and/or video slide presentation (15min max)
  2. Participate in AcademicExperts.org paper discussion

Asynchronous Presentations must be prerecorded and uploaded using YouTube/Vimoe video  link *ON OR BEFORE the early registration date listed * and will be available asynchronously on AcademicExperts.org.

Conference Participation:

All virtual presenters are required to facilitate the online discussion for your presentation and participate in other discussions during the conference.

– Log in to AcademicExperts.org using your registration email and post an opening statement or question on your presentation’s discussion board for your audience to respond to.

– Respond to questions and comments from conference participants during the conference dates

Uploading your own recording:

If you choose to record audio/visual using your own tools, you will need to upload your presentation before the deadline.

  1. Log into: https://conf.aace.org/edmedia/submission/
  2. Click on “Add Files to Submission”
  3. Click on “Edit Files” next to your session. Upload your PPT/PPTX file under “Sound & Presentation Files”
  4. If using a YouTube or other video format, upload the URL using the URL uploader.


Still have questions? Contact us anytime at [email protected].