New Book: Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2009

ANNOUNCING… A New Technology and Teacher Education Book Series

Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2009

Edited by: Cleborne D. Maddux

Published by: Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE)

Sponsored by: Education & Information Technology Digital Library

368 pages, $10 eBook, $19 soft cover ISBN 1-880094-74-6

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This first collection of outstanding articles came about as a recognition of the need for a highly selective and rigorously refereed collection of articles dealing with technology and teacher education. This book includes 40 selected papers submitted by members of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE).

A total of 123 papers, 368 pages, were submitted for consideration of publication in this rigorously peer refereed volume that will be published annually by SITE. The book is available in digital format, for free with EdITLib Digital Library subscription, and in soft cover format.

For Your Class Reading List:

Consider this a state of the field resource for your education class reading list! Very reasonably priced for educators and students.

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  1. Technology Input Versus Input and Output: Does It Result in Learning Differences Among Elementary School Students?
  2. Teaching for Fidelity in the Use of Technology in the Math Classroom
  3. Responding to Depleted Budgets through Forging New Partnerships by Educational Technology Connections to Medicine
  4. Integrating Tablet Technology into an Elementary Mathematics Methods Course
  5. Class Map for Community in Online Education Course
  6. Reclaiming Lost Opportunities: The Role of the Teacher in Online Asynchronous Collaboration in Mathematics Teacher Education
  7. Deploying Read/Write Web Approaches for Pedagogic Change amongst Faculty in Higher Education
  8. Captivating Young Learners and Preparing 21st Century Social Studies Teachers: Increasing Engagement with Digital Video
  9. I Think, iPod(cast), I Learn: Using Digital Media and Podcasting in Teacher Education
  10. A Blended Multisite Distance Workshop in Mathematics Using Inquiry, Technology and Collaboration: An Initial Report
  11. Bilingual and ELL Preservice Teachers and Technology Self-Efficacy
  12. Instructional Planning Activity Types as Vehicles for Curriculum-Based TPACK Development
  13. As the World Spins, Technology Spins Faster: A Global Long-Distance Education Program
  14. The Digital Documentary as Historical Ground Wire: A Study of a University’s Education Department and Its Teacher Educators
  15. Student Level of Commitment and Engagement with Ning as a Learning Management System
  16. Modeling Gone Virtual: What Teachers ‘See’ is What Students Get
  17. Communities for Rural Education, Stewardship, and Technology (CREST): Successful Methodologies for STEM Implementation and Influencing Teacher Practice
  18. Development and Effectiveness of Vocabulary Learning Contents for Use with Mobile Phones in Education in Japan
  19. Preservice Educator Learning in a Simulated Teaching Environment
  20. Using Digital Video for Professional Development and Leadership: Understanding and Initiating Teacher Learning Communities
  21. Teachers’ Intentions toward Technology Usage: Do Different Uses Lead to Different Determinants?
  22. Fads and Facts in Technology-Based Learning Environments
  23. A Case Study of Teachers’ Perceptions of Using a Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication System for Spoken English Teaching
  24. Developing a Second Life Academy: Bridging the Implementers’ Learning Gap
  25. Analyzing Peer Feedback in a Technology-facilitated Peer Assessment
  26. Electronic Concept Mapping in a Laptop University: A Cross-Curricular Study
  27. Using Virtual Classroom Cases as Thinking Tools in Teacher Education
  28. Exploring Online Learning through Design and Design-Based Research
  29. Technology Integration for Pre-Service Teachers in a Team-Taught Cohort Experience
  30. An Examination of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Compliance: Are Universities and School Districts Making World Wide Web Learning Resources Available to the Disabled
  31. Authentic Learning Across International Borders: A Cross Institutional Online Project for Pre-service Teachers
  32. From Conventional Spaces to Virtual Places: Enhancing Teacher-Student Communication in the Hybrid/Online Course
  33. Quality Assurance: A Descriptive Study of Online Courses in Higher Education
  34. Relationship of Preservice Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge with their Vocational Self-Efficacy Beliefs
  35. Online Dialogue on Instructional Technology among Education Students in Republic of Korea, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America
  36. Creating a Community of Support for Beginning English Teachers
  37. Video Intervision Peer Coaching in Teacher Professionalization: First Online Explorations
  38. Validating a Measure of Teacher Technology Integration
  39. Measuring history: The Teacher as Website Developer
  40. Interaction, Learner Styles, and Content in Online Courses: Implications for Teacher Preparation

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368 pages, $10 eBook, $19 soft cover ISBN 1-880094-74-6

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