NEW! AACE Conference Student Scholarships

AACE Student Scholarships
As a non-profit organization, AACE offers scholarships to students to reduce the funds required so they may have the opportunity to participate in professional AACE conferences.

AACE ConferencesScholarship pays $500 toward travel expenses and fees for conference registration and all workshops.

Coordinated by the AACE Foundation, the following scholarship application policies apply:

  • One application per person per conference.
  • Anyone with a current student ID may apply.
  • Please include copy of student ID with application.
  • Up to three student scholarships per conference will be awarded or up to 15 scholarships per year.
  • Scholarships cannot be postponed or transferred
  • to other conferences.
  • Awarded students are encouraged to attend workshops and sessionsand submit a written summaryabout their experiences, within one month after the conference ends.Selected reports will be published.

AACE understands that college tuitions are high and generally increasing. We hope that this contribution by AACE will make it easier for students to participate in conferences and extend their professional knowledge.


Have questions? Please contact AACE Publications directly at [email protected].

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