October 7-10, 2024


eLearn Keynote & Invited Speakers

Keynote & Invited Speakers

Cecilia K.Y. Chan
The University of Hong Kong, China

Brian Beatty
San Francisco State University, US

Thursday, October 10

The AI Literacy Initiative: Learning to Live and Teach with Artificial Intelligence for Future Readiness

Cecilia K.Y. Chan, Professor in Education/Director of Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre (TALIC), The University of Hong Kong, China

Abstract: In this seminar, we will explore a comprehensive AI literacy framework, emphasizing its significance in preparing students for an AI-driven world. This framework based on research evidence, tailored for educational contexts, combines technical skills with ethical, social, and practical AI knowledge. The focus then shifts to how this literacy impacts different roles in different disciplines. The session aims to provide educators, policymakers, and academic leaders with insights into developing future-ready educational environments, ensuring students are equipped to navigate and contribute to an increasingly AI-centric world.

Bio: Prof. Cecilia Chan is a Professor in the Faculty of Education and Director for the Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). With a dual-discipline background, she possesses expertise in both engineering and education, particularly higher education. Her combined expertise in these fields has enabled her to lead and conduct research on topics such as assessment and feedback, experiential learning, and technology-enhanced learning, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence in education and the development and assessment of 21st-century skills (holistic competencies). Prof. Chan serves as the President of the Asian Society for Engineering Education and is an associate editor for both the Journal of Engineering Education and Studies in Educational Evaluation. Her book titled “Generative AI in Higher Education: The ChatGPT Effect,” which has been commissioned by Routledge was published in March and is the first of its kind in exploring the intersection of Generative AI and Higher Education. Prof. Chan has been invited as keynote to share her work by many organisations worldwide including UNESCO, QS Summit, Harvard, Oxford, UCL, Sydney University, in addition, her work is being adopted by software companies and organisations particularly on the accreditation of holistic competencies and AI Literacy. She has recently been appointed as Chief Expert in Future Readiness and AI Literacy in Higher Education by UNESCO-ICHEI. More information can be found in the Teaching and Learning Enhancement and Research Group (TLERG) website: http://tlerg.cetl.hku.hk/ .

Wednesday, October 9

The Hyflex Revolution: Adapting Higher Education for a Flexible Future

Brian Beatty, San Francisco State University, United States

Abstract: HyFlex learning, in use since 2006 in a relatively small number of institutions, experienced rapid adoption during the 2019-2022 pandemic to meet the immediate global need for flexible multimodal education. Many institutions implemented the HyFlex approach, often without fully understanding best practices or preparing their faculty. By the pandemic’s end, educators worldwide were using HyFlex to accommodate both in-person and remote students and considering long-term strategic value and implications. This session clarifies HyFlex’s origins, definitions, design principles, and student outcomes. We’ll explore the evolution of HyFlex through the Gartner Hype Cycle and discuss new ways to leverage AI, particularly Generative AI, to address traditional challenges in online learning in ways that also improve the HyFlex experience for all learners. The future of education, combining improved pedagogy and technology with flexible teaching and learning, looks promising with HyFlex playing a key role. How about you? Where are you now? Where do you want to be in our future together?

Bio: Dr. Brian Beatty is professor of Instructional Design and Technology in the Department of Equity, Leadership Studies and Instructional Technologies at San Francisco State University. Brian’s primary areas of interest and research include social interaction in online learning, flipped classroom implementation, and developing instructional design theory for Hybrid-Flexible (aka HyFlex) learning environments. At SF State, Brian pioneered the development and evaluation of the HyFlex course design model for blended learning environments, implementing a “student-directed-hybrid” approach to better support student learning. Since 2021, Dr. Beatty also facilitates the HyFlex Learning Community (https://hyflexlearning.org) to provide global support for HyFlex teaching and learning. Brian has also published a free online book where you can read more about HyFlex: Hybrid-Flexible Course Design, https://edtechbooks.org/hyflex