October 7-10, 2024


Conference FAQs

Where can I assess the schedule for the conference?
If you are registered for the conference, you may login to AcademicExperts.org

  • Welcome to Academic Experts which serves as the interactive platform for all AACE conferences–F2F and virtual events. See About for more details.
If you are not yet registered for the conference in question, after the first call author notification date, you may search for sessions here:

Registrants of the conference can log into MyAACE to search the conference schedule and session information.

  • To access MyAACE, visit: My.AACE.org and log in using the same password/email used to register. 
  • Select the ‘My Conference’ link under the Conference Schedule you would like to view
How do I become an AACE Member?
For Membership Information and Rates, visit: aace.org/my/membership/
How do subscribe and how much is a subscription to LearnTechLib Digital Library?
As a member you would have access to all electronic versions of the Conference Proceedings and the entire contents of the Digital library.  Subscription rates are monthly, annual and institutional.
What is the status of my Conference Proposal Submission?
After the author notification date, you can log in to My.AACE.org or MySITE.aace.org and view any acceptnce letters there. If you are inquiring before the notification date, please contact [email protected].
How do I view and print an invitation or my acceptance letter?
Visit: My.AACE.org
Under the conference you have submitted to, select “Acceptance/Invitation Letters”
How do I access/edit my Proposal Submission?
Visit: My.AACE.org
Under the conference that you have submitted to, select “Submission Options”
How do I upload a Powerpoint Presentation?
Visit: My.AACE.org
Under the conference that you have submitted to, select “Submission Options”
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