Course – Remote Teaching 101: Online & Blended Teaching During the Pandemic

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Course Dates: October 13-24, 2021

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 Instructor: Nathaniel Ostashewski

Whether you are an online learning novice or a seasoned expert,
this self-paced, 3-week course will help you become a
more effective online/digital teaching and learning professional.


Accessible * Affordable ( $35 ) * Effective * Interactive * Self-paced


Participant Reviews from Previous Course

I really liked the balance you achieved in each module and will be adding ALL of the resources you provided to my library.”

“Sooooo many resources!! I love the balance between scholarly articles and practical application resources like charts, tables, rubrics, planning templates “

“Attending trainings such as this [Remote Teaching 101] just supports the concept that learning is a continuum, especially if one is in the area of technology. 

I really liked the structure of the course.  It was a great blend of rigorous academic readings, short informational videos, and critical thinking prompts. The open-source books in LearnTechLib are greatly appreciated and I know I’ll use them again in the future.  I took something away from each module that was immediately useful with my undergraduate teacher candidates and my colleagues.”

“Thank you so much for such an engaging course.  I appreciated the opportunity to communicate with others and see all the amazing things they do in their classes.  Teaching biology lab courses brings its own challenges and a quick conversion to an online format just added to the chaos.  The CoI [Community of Inquiry] introduction provided great insight.  This course provided great and helpful resources and ideas that I can utilize in my own classes.

“Thank you SO much for an incredible course! I am excited to have access to all of these great resources and intend to spend some (more) time mining through all of the great info in the days, weeks, and months to come. “

This is course is a good reminder that these (new) digital technologies are TOOLS and they are useful only when used by educators and learners to enhance their learning.  They don’t and can’t take over a teacher’s job.  And we are reminded to focus on our learning goals rather than on the next new technology.”

  • Spending hours each day because you now teach students as they quarantine at home? 
  • Struggling to find time as your face-2-face teaching is now digital and takes every minute of your spare time? 
  • Worried if you are really helping your students who are back to emergency home-based learning? 

>> This AACE/LearnTech U mini-course can help! <<



In this self-paced, 14-day blended learning mini-course, you will have an opportunity to access materials, learn about online teaching, and discuss how to make the most of your time as you support your home-based learners.

Explore how you can engage your students, without spending every hour online, using evidence-based online and blended teaching strategies.

Online resources, live sessions, asynchronous discussions, and opportunities to meet and hear from other educators are part of this unique online experience for educators.

In this mini-course we will explore:

  • online digital resources,
  • basic online and blended teaching strategies,
  • three levels of interactions teachers need to foster to support quality learning: communication, discussion, and collaboration.

Online and blended learning practices are not new tools or ways of teaching – but they do require planning and tools to make the learning experience engaging and meaningful for learners. This mini-course will get you started as you work to expand your educator toolkit and provide emergency remote teaching.

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Nathaniel Ostashewski, Associate Professor with the Athabasca University Open, Digital, and Distance Education Programs, teaches graduate courses in distance education, educational technology, and online learning. He has been developing and researching MOOC designs since 2009 and his research interests include technology-enabled learning and pedagogy, online & blended learning, social media in online education, OERs, and digital media implementation in education. He has been providing teacher professional development (related to technology uses both in the classroom and online) since 1996 for teacher conferences, school divisions, and universities.

“What makes this course so rewarding to design and teach is that presenting the practical aspects of Remote Teaching, along with many resources for further exploration, can make a difference for educator’s teaching practice – and that makes it worth it!”

Technology implementations and designs that focus on exploring “worth it” student engagement and teaching strategies are an element of many of Dr. Ostashewski’s research articles. A Google scholar list of his publications can be found here:

Living in Alberta, Canada – he also is keenly interested in a rural lifestyles where he operates a Bison farm with his family.


Topics & Learning Outcomes 

Topic 1: Digital Media & Resources

Learners will describe uses of digital media and online resources for remote teaching.

Topic 2: Online Teaching

Learners will explore basic elements of online teaching that support remote teaching

Topic 3: Blended Learning Strategies

Learners will be able to identify blended learning strategies which engage students via remote teaching

Topic 4: Remote Teaching Style Elements
Learners will examine their remote teaching style with consideration of quality interactions teachers need to foster: communication, discussion, and collaboration

Topic 5: Tools for Remote Teaching
Learners will explore ways in which to select tools to support their remote teaching

  • Who Should Attend
    • K-12 Teachers
    • College Faculty
    • Instructional Designers
    • Instructional Technology Coordinators & Directors


  • Delivery: Self-paced with ongoing expert instructor support
    (100% asynchronous + 2 hours optional synchronous & recorded)
  • Completion Time: 3 weeks
  • Time Required: Approx. 1 hour per day.
  • Receive upon Successful Completion: Certificate & validated badges.
  • Special Registration: $35 *    (includes 3 mo. Subscription, a $60 value)

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