Late Fall 2023


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What our attendees are saying about
E-Learn Conferences

“To Sarah Benson, Director of Communications and the rest of the staff at the E-Learn Conference in Hawaii, it was the best conference I have ever attended and presented at; your efforts were remarkable. Not a bad location to host a conference at either! I made more professional connections that I thought were possible at one conference. Again many thanks for all the hard work! It was truly appreciated.”

Robert Allen Moody, Fort Hays State University, USA

“The main gathering place of researchers and practitioners interested in Web-based education. This is THE conference to attend.”

Peter Brusilovsky, University of Pittsburgh, USA

“This was a well attended event, with enthusiastic participants. I made good contacts with researchers working in the same field, and hope to collaborate across boundaries to enrich my work.”

Maggie McPherson, University of Sheffield, UK

“I loved the speed and compactness of the event. The number of presentations available at any one time. I also liked the choice of hotel and city. I met several people that either expanded my knowledge on my interest area or opened up a new door to me totally.”

Betsy Anderton, University of South Alabama, USA

“My intention for attending E-Learn 2002 was to broaden my horizon. What are others doing in this research field, is it possible to pick up some new ideas and can I add some people to my network contacts around the world. All this was realised during the conference so I will be back for E-Learn 2003.”

Dirk Vanderbist, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

“In attending an E-LEARN conference one is confident that one learns about developments in the field from informative, worldwide sources.”

W. Curtiss Priest, Director, Center for Information, Technology & Society, USA

“Excellent organisation. Very serious, trustful and ‘polite’…”

Lia Raquel Oliveira, University of Minho, Portugal

“I like that so many countries are represented and I like the locations that are chosen for the conference. It is always good to share ideas with people all over the world.”

Carol Oliver, The Graduate Center – CUNY, New York, USA

I was impressed by the quality of the presentations. It helped to see other institutions doing the kind of things that we hope to be able to do soon and to know that others have the same kinds of problems we do. I enjoyed being able to meet with the presenters and discuss some of the issues.

Kathy Autrey, Northwestern State University, USA