Late Fall 2023


Poster Guide

To help make everything run as smoothly as possible, we offer you this general information which answers most frequently asked questions.

All Presenters attending the conference must register and pay the registration fee. The primary presenter must register before the early registration deadline to insure inclusion in the Final Program.

Make Your Poster/Demo Great

Why posters are beneficial, how to make them reflect you, look great, and what to avoid. Produced by Catherine Fulford for AACE.

  • Posters/Demonstrations (2 hours): These sessions enable presenters to demonstrate and discuss research, development and applications in progress to gain feedback and to establish contacts. Presenters will be required to provide their own software and hardware. Table, poster board, and electricity will be supplied.
  • Corporate Demonstration (2 hours): Demonstrate and discuss your company’s products, services, developments, applications, and research, gain feedback, and establish contacts. Not included in the Proceedings. Format Scheduled during Poster/Demonstrations.

Poster/demos will be grouped together in open exhibition-style; this is an informal event with a circulating audience. Immediate interest plays a big role in whether someone will stop to discuss your poster/demo. Effective posters include large graphics that are easily seen from 15 feet. Type that is 12 pt size or smaller is all but invisible to the audience, and small photos or images on 8-1/2 x 11″ sheets are also difficult to see.

The most successful demonstrations are those that are relatively brief to permit easy access for new audiences, and those in which the audience can actually participate.


The following standard materials will be provided for Poster/Demo and Corporate Demo presentation:

  • Approximately 6’ long table
  • Two chairs
  • Approximately 4’ high x 8’ wide poster board
  • Electricity source
  • WIFI (included for all registrants)

The conference does not provide equipment for Poster/Demos. If you need computers, or any other equipment you will need to bring your own or rent equipment. Bear in mind that overhead projectors and slides are not a workable presentation style as the room is large, well-lit and there is no room for a screen. If you need other equipment, rental information is provided. Standard set-up time for all poster/demo and corporate demonstration sessions is 3:00 PM on the day of presentation.

Please bring your own office supplies, such as tape, scissors, push pins, etc. The Conference will try to have some on hand, but can’t supply everyone.

Shipping: You should have your materials shipped to your hotel room. The Conference staff cannot receive materials for you – do not have them shipped to the registration desk. We cannot accept responsibility for your shipment.

Thank you in advance for your contribution toward making this a beneficial experience for your participants!

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